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N2BLÜ keep up their fast rise to the dance pop top with their proudly rhythmic and jubilant LGBTQIA electronic pop single ‘NSA’–Hear it on ‘The Beat’ at 9 AM Everyday on Londonfm.digital and Discover Electro 24.

Modern Synth Pop and Dance outfit N2BLÜ follow up their previous hit single ‘Electric Dreams’ with a brand new single entitled ‘NSA’. NSA is a jubilant pop experience with full electronic synth power and intricate electronic rhythms with warm vocals that stay in your head and leave you feeling free

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DISCOVER DANCE POP 80’S FUSIONS: Fading to Grey and back into Glory the 80’s return once again in the fused electro sound of ‘Cyber New Romantics’ N2BLÜ with their new cut ‘Electric Dreams’ – On the DISCOVER ELECTRO 24 Playlist now.

Modern Synth Pop and Dance outfit N2BLÜ follow up their previous big single ‘Better Now’ with a brand new single entitled ‘Electric Dreams’. Remember back in the 80s and 90s when the romantic comedies of the time were so formulaic and predictable, but you love(d) them anyway? This song is

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DISCOVER ELECTRONIC POP DROPS OF 2020: ‘N2BLÜ’ release a meditative, infectious ‘pop mantra’ of a single with the reflective, catchy, warm and poppy sleek journey of ‘Better Now’

Pop Dance masters N2BLÜ return in true style with an incredible, epic and different pop single. The new single ‘Better Now’ comes packed with an electro ‘Cloudbusting’ beat vibe and ‘The Might be Giants’ pop flair and could be their biggest hit yet. Shimmering synths, pounding drums, warm sensitive vocals

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