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DISCOVER THE WORLD’S HOTTEST FASTEST PIONEERS OF RAP IN 2020: ‘Angel Monroe’ is such a unique new Rap Trap Pop Star with a totally distinctive and inventive new sound on ‘Gone’ – On the Rap Trap 24 FM playlist Now

Angel Monroe celebrity cover model, actress and rapper has just released her latest single ‘Gone’. Angel Monroe remembers that Chris brown dispute when she was defending Chris Brown. Well it’s no doubt she’s got news of her own new dope drop “Gone”  as it’s rises as fast as she can rap, getting

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DISCOVER NEW SWEET DIVAS OF POP 2020: Epic pop at it’s best with a warm vocal sound that takes you to new heights, ‘Madison McWilliams’ has a big Motown sound and voice on the stunning production of ‘Back Like I Never Left’

In a time where most pop music is dark and brooding, Madison McWilliams is a shining light, swooping in and breathing new life into the genre with her soaring vocals and youthful charm. Her new song “Back Like I Never Left” was co-written by Tia Rice and produced by Bhav

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