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DISCOVER OPERA AND POP FUSIONS: The soaring and sweet angel voice of ‘John Riesen’ touches the soul on new single ‘You’re The Best’

Glimpsing for some leisure that will bestow everlasting sentiments of serenity? Congrats then! John Riesen. The precise artist for you fellas around the globe, whose songs are a convoy of undertaking melodies and majestic harmonies that inject a soothing impression of universality and uniqueness, literally out of this world. Cool

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DISCOVER YOUNG NEW BALLADEERS OF 2020: ‘Tylar Smith’ releases a soothing, warm and heartfelt new single with ‘There’ out on 10 July 2020.

Tylar Smith is a young singer from Sydney Australia with a powerful, soulful voice and a gift for storytelling. With influences of Panic At The Disco, Michael Buble’. He is at home singing ballads and contemporary pop songs. He has been training in singing and performing for most of his

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