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Daughter of acclaimed music producer ‘Kenz Desai’ goes in a funky synth pop direction with ‘Planetary Wonder’ and ‘Deep South’ as ‘Zara Desai’ releases the smoking hot ‘On Point’

Too often in our modern society, we focus on the infantile nature of children and associate youth with bad decisions, zits and insecurity. We forget that youth is by far the most creative and prodigious period in any human being’s life. And as such, we should not be looking for

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DISCOVER THE WORLD’S HOTTEST FASTEST PIONEERS OF RAP IN 2020: ‘Angel Monroe’ is such a unique new Rap Trap Pop Star with a totally distinctive and inventive new sound on ‘Gone’ – On the Rap Trap 24 FM playlist Now

Angel Monroe celebrity cover model, actress and rapper has just released her latest single ‘Gone’. Angel Monroe remembers that Chris brown dispute when she was defending Chris Brown. Well it’s no doubt she’s got news of her own new dope drop “Gone”  as it’s rises as fast as she can rap, getting

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DISCOVER ESSENTIAL POP OF 2020: Stylish new pop star ‘Aurora Olivas’ lets loose melodic emotion and sentimental pop sophistication on new single ‘When You Were Mine’ with ‘JACSIN’.

Aurora Olivas recently joined forces with ‘JACSIN’, a music production and song writing duo who collaborated with the artist on a brand new single release: When You Were Mine. The song marks Aurora’s much-anticipated debut release. Aided by the LA-based production team, Aurora managed to bring her vision to life and

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